#RunWild for a reason

I just received the following email – even more motivation!

#RunWild for a Reason!
There are some of you out there who run because you genuinely enjoy running… well done, that’s awesome for you!  👏

To the rest of you who gulp a little harder each day as race day approaches 😳  here are some reasons to shake off that fear and feel excited about the challenge ahead of you.

Last year, the Safaricom Marathon raised an incredible $640,000 for conservation, community development and education projects across Kenya.  That’s just over Ksh64 million or £440,000  — whichever currency makes sense to you, last year’s funding provided hugely significant support to some great initiatives across the country. 💰💰💰
Whether it was the provision of ranger equipment, the protection of endangered sea life, or the development of education and healthcare facilities, the 2015 Safaricom Marathon runners and supporters delivered.
This year, we’d like to invite you raise the bar.  We believe that we can raise more money, impact more lives, and help better protect Kenya’s vulnerable species and their habitats.
With over 1,400 runners taking part in this year’s event, imagine if every runner matched their entry fee with a donation of just $150.   Here’s what we could do with this additional $210,000 💸 :

·       Purchase an education bus for school children to visit conservancies and learn about wildlife 🚌

·       Employ 20 rangers for one year – helping to protect Kenya’s threatened and endangered species 🐘

·       Provide medical equipment to government hospitals and local clinics in northern Kenya 💉

·       Support beach clean ups and awareness campaigns in Watamu and Lamu to protect Kenya’s oceans and marine life 🐠

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