Using OneDrive Without Sync

OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are similar in name and in that they synchronise files to your PC from cloud storage, but they are very different.

OneDrive is available free to individuals and is also part of Office 365 Home Premium along with additional storage.  OneDrive is for people to sync their personal files across their devices and to the cloud.  The synchronisation tool for Windows PCs and laptops is available from the OneDrive site.

OneDrive for Business is a feature of that allows organizations to provision and manage cloud storage for their employees. OneDrive for Business is for people to access their work files across devices.  For those who regularly work within internet connection there is a synchronisation tool which is part of Office 2016.  Office based users SHOULD NOT use sync.

If permitted by your organisation and not in breach of the security policies, you can see personal and work files from both OneDrive and OneDrive for Business in Windows Explorer, Office apps and on the mobile device apps.

If using Office2016, OneDrive is already available a save location.  If not you can add it to your favorites in windows explorer.

  1. From the waffle, choose OneDrive
  2. From the view menu, choose View in File Explorer
  3. Drag the folder icon to Quick Access (or Favorites, depending on version of Windows)

NOTE: You cannot rename this link – it will always be called Documents

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