Microsoft Lists are coming, but what about my SharePoint Lists?

As exciting as the announcement of Microsoft Lists at Build 2020 was, it did leave me wondering what the future of the humble but useful SharePoint list was.

Today I finally got around to reading this blog post from 19th May 20. Two sections stood out to me:

Millions of SharePoint users have benefitted from using lists over the years. Microsoft Lists builds on this trusted information platform – bringing new user experiences and capabilities to the foundational innovation of SharePoint lists. Rest assured that all your lists, including lists that you have inside SharePoint sites today, will benefit from all the innovations described here.


Note | If you have classic SharePoint lists in Microsoft 365 today, Microsoft continues to support them today and into the foreseeable future be that they were built for legacy applications or have custom-built extensions – they will continue to work. And when you choose to move them from classic to modern – they then not only “get modern,” – they will get all the value and innovation Microsoft Lists brings.

The REALLY good news about this is that you could make a start on building your lists now, if you don’t need one of the templates. You can even pull an existing SharePoint list into Teams today, using Tabs.

You can already so some pretty fancy list & column formatting. See and for details.

Though my personal favourite is to build a page which displays multiple SharePoint apps and web part together to give even more value and add that page to Teams. Like the page below which uses the World Clock and Weather web parts together with list and library for (hopefully) upcoming trips. (Oh and I’m not the runner in the family!)

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