MS-700 – Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate

MS-700 Overview & My Tips

MS-700 or Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate is the certification for Teams Administrators. 

As a Teams Administrator you do need to have a good grounding in all things Microsoft 365 as Teams is the tool that pulls it all together and exposes any weaknesses in your security and compliance settings within your tenant. A Teams administrator can benefit from a good grasp of SharePoint architecture and features if your organisation is using Teams for files storage.  However that isn’t essential for this course or certification.

As a final thought, Teams Administration can be very simple.  Those of you who are coming from a VOIP background, leave it at the door.  The level of detail needed for this certification is no where near as detailed as you are used to.  And if you were a Skype Administrator you’ll be amazed at how simple Federation is – don’t make it difficult for yourself by looking for complexity where there is none!

Disclaimer: All these links were correct at the time of posting.  But the Cloud changes regularly, so the referenced articles my change/be removed.  Please do post a comment if you spot a broken link or have suggestions to add so others can benefit too.

This style of page isn’t new.   These are two that I like from a couple of Microsoft MVPs

General References

Taking a Microsoft Professional Exam

Pre-study References

Microsoft Learn Learning Paths (MS-700)

References by Exam Objectives

Based on exam Objective from May 25, 2021

Plan and configure a Microsoft Teams environment (45-50%)

 Upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

 Plan and configure network settings for Microsoft Teams

 Implement governance and lifecycle management for Microsoft Teams

Configure and manage guest access

General References – and

External & Guest Communication in MS Teams – Sara Fennah’s Blog (

 Manage security and compliance

Deploy and manage Microsoft Teams endpoints

 Monitor and analyze service usage

Manage Chat, Calling, and Meetings (30-35%)

 Manage chat and collaboration experiences

 Manage meeting experiences

 Manage phone numbers

 Manage Phone System

 Manage Teams and app policies (20-25%)

 Manage a team

 Manage membership in a team

 Implement policies for Microsoft Teams apps


This section contains links which may be of interest to Teams Administrators generally.

Some Knowledge Check Quizzes

Give Feedback, Get Help, Keep up with Changes

Teams Tech Community

Teams UserVoice (Yes Microsoft are moving away from UserVoice but Teams User Voice is still vibrant and active)

Teams Roadmap

Microsoft 365 User Adoption Resources

Going Further

What else can I do with teams?

You may also be interested in Blogs I’ve written for Administrators

Additional Apps for Teams

Contact Center in Teams

How to fix authentication issues with personal apps which use SharePoint Pages

Discover all Private Channels

Microsoft Lists Quick start Guide

Teams Features by Platform

Phone Numbers – What you Need to Know

You can do lots with the Graph and Teams, here is an example. Teams Meeting Tenant To Tenant Migration! | A blog about automation and technologies in the cloud (

Education Specific

Teams for Education Teams for Education – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Reflect for Emotional Well Being

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