Here you can find details of my upcoming speaking engagements and links to videos of past sessions.


May 14, 2022Viva Day 2022Explore Microsoft Viva with a Tech Realist, an Optimist and a VisionaryOnlineViva Days
May 17, 2022IRMS Conference Governing Teams Data – it’s not a game of CluedoGlasgowIRMSconference.org
June 10, 2022Scottish SummitThe battle for HR supremacy between Dynamics and VivaGlasgowhttps://scottishsummit.com/
June 29, 2022CommsverseHappy 5th Birthday, Microsoft Teams – a community panelWeybridge, UKhttps://www.commsverse.com/


You can also view the videos as a playlist on my YouTube Channel

EventTopicSession Video/Materials
Teams Nation 2022Explore Viva with a Realist, an Optimist and a VisionaryWatch on You Tube
Tech(K)Now DayExplore Microsoft Viva with a Tech Realist, an Optimist and a VisionaryWatch on You Tube
GreyHatBeardPrincess Podcast“This week we are joined by the greatest trainer of them all, Sara Fennah, who helps us cover the biggest news of the week. The four of us joined to talk about Microsoft’s new sustainability dashboard in Power BI, the North Star Architecture guidance for industries around Power Platform, the joy/hope that Shared Channels in Microsoft Teams should bring and the awesome resources on the Microsoft Adoption site for Microsoft Viva.”Watch on YouTube
CollabDays, Bletchley ParkViva Visionary insights!Blog
Cloud ConversationsMCTBuzz, MVP BuzzWatch on YouTube.
IRMS ISLE OF MAN – PROTECTING MANX DATA, INFORMATION & RECORDSMicrosoft 365 Records Management in the Post COVID era
MVPBuzzChat with Christian BuckleyMVP JourneyWeb Page incl Video
M365UK User Group, Dec 2021Microsoft Viva, The Pitch, The Use, The ConfigRecording on YouTube
CollabDays Lisbon, November 2021Microsoft Viva – A Plain Speaking OverviewPowerPoint
Video – Coming Soon
South Coast Summit, October 2021Feed on knowledge harvested with Viva Topics (even if you are a minnow)
South Coast Summit, October 2021Roundtable – Microsoft Spotlight Podcast – Women In Teams Discussion PanelRecording on YouTube
Commsverse, Sept 2021Microsoft Viva – A Plain Speaking OverviewRecording on YouTube
Leeds PPUG, March 2021Microsoft Viva – A Plain Speaking OverviewRecording on You Tube
Microsoft Spotlight PodcastDiversity in IT – being a Woman in ITRecording on YouTube
Scottish Summit, Feb 2021Scottish Summit – Presenter & Session Lead: Round Table: Virtual and Hybrid Training Pros & Cons, Tips & Tricks
DPS Learning Connection M365 ATE Session, Jan 2021MS-900 Exam Prep
M365 User Group, Leeds Sept 2020Teams Updates – Maintaining your Sanity

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