MS-100 Extras

MS-100 Overview & My Tips MS-100 or Microsoft 365 Identity and Services is one of two exams that make up the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert certification.  The certification also requires you to pass & hold a valid Microsoft 365 Associate level certification in addition to passing the MS-100 and MS-101. The Microsoft 365 … Continue reading MS-100 Extras

MS-700 – Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate

MS-700 Overview & My Tips MS-700 or Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate is the certification for Teams Administrators.  As a Teams Administrator you do need to have a good grounding in all things Microsoft 365 as Teams is the tool that pulls it all together and exposes any weaknesses in your security and compliance settings within … Continue reading MS-700 – Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate

May Records Updates for Microsoft 365

(This blog post was written as a guest post on Blog - Leadership Through Data) On 19th May 2021 Microsoft published a blog announcing Multi-stage disposition approval in Microsoft Records Management in Microsoft 365 as well as some other really nice enhancements to the Information Governance and Records Management tools. The headline feature is the … Continue reading May Records Updates for Microsoft 365

Using Find Time for Meeting Polls

Find Time is a great add-in for Outlook which you can use to arrange meetings with both colleagues and people outside your organisation.  Combining the ability to see availability for colleagues with a poll for people to vote on, the Find Time add-in is designed to stop the to/fro of emails trying to find a … Continue reading Using Find Time for Meeting Polls

Meeting Transcription in Microsoft Teams

There are two ways of displaying in text format what is said during a Microsoft Teams Meeting; Live Captions and Transcript.  Live captions are shown on screen (usually at the bottom of the meeting screen) and disappear as new captions are generated.  Live captions are visible only to users who switch them on. Live Captions can … Continue reading Meeting Transcription in Microsoft Teams

My Favourite Virtual Background Sources

Apart from creating my own backgrounds in PowerPoint which I covered in an earlier post, these are my personal favourite sources for background images for virtual meetings. Ikea Microsoft Warner Bros

Microsoft Teams Break Out Rooms – Some Early Observations

With the launch of breakout rooms for adhoc and scheduled Team meetings, many people are celebrating and it is a much requested feature, but how does it work. Microsoft have released a couple of great articles so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and write a full guide myself, but I would like to share my early observations.

Check your Camera before a Teams Meeting

Did you want to check your camera and background before a Teams meeting and ended up trying to join a meeting early to do so, or worse joining a meeting late as you needed to adjust your settings and it took too long, or worst still what about joining a meeting and bringing up a … Continue reading Check your Camera before a Teams Meeting

Solving Problems with Meeting Options in Teams

Do you ever get a message telling you you can't change the meeting options for a meeting you set up? It's probably due to what you were doing the last time you used the Teams web app (aka Teams in your web browser). These messages changed a little while ago to show you who is … Continue reading Solving Problems with Meeting Options in Teams

Thoughts on Click & Collect for small business

So this blog is a bit of a departure for me and results from (virtual) conversations with friends and family. As I write on Nov 1st 2020, England is about to go into a new lockdown (whatever, it's officially called) and "non-essential" shops are required to close but can still offer click & collect services. … Continue reading Thoughts on Click & Collect for small business

Using the Learn Community in the Tech Community

The new Microsoft Learning community in the Tech Community is live along with the new blog. The tech community is quite simple to navigate but I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few tips. Thanks to my fellow MCTs for their help with these too, especially Julian Sharpe, Denise McLaughlin and Rolf McLaughlin. … Continue reading Using the Learn Community in the Tech Community

Extending the Feedback Form into PowerBI

A little while back I wrote a blog on my training feedback form and the flow I had built to send delegates the useful links. See Well today I have built a PowerBI report from the SharePoint list which stores the feedback data. As this is the first ever PowerBi report I've written from … Continue reading Extending the Feedback Form into PowerBI

Arrange Windows on Screen

Multitasking is much easier when you can have multiple windows on screen at the same time.  These techniques work in both Windows 7 and 8. To tile windows (any windows version): Open the applications you want to see on screen (do not minimise) Right click in a blank area of the task bar Select Show Windows … Continue reading Arrange Windows on Screen

Calculating Employee Holiday Allowance in Excel

This article looks at managing holiday using Excel 2010 and making use of the following Excel features: INDIRECT function NETWORKDAYS function Format as Table Conditional Formatting The finished file is available here (Holidays). However this article explains how to use the finished article and how to create it, so read on (or bookmark me for … Continue reading Calculating Employee Holiday Allowance in Excel

Simple Formulas and Functions in Excel

Creating Simple Formulas Formulas can be used to perform simple calculations such as addition and subtraction, or more complicated applications such as complex financial functions and statistics. All formulas begin with an equal (=) sign. The equal sign tells Excel that the cell data should be interpreted as a formula. Otherwise, Excel interprets the data … Continue reading Simple Formulas and Functions in Excel

SC-300 Extras

SC-300 Overview & My Tips  SC-300 or Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator is an associate (two star) certification from Microsoft.  It is aimed at people administering access to the Microsoft Cloud; Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.  It is worth noting that whilst the skills and knowledge are relevant to administrators for all systems, the course and exam … Continue reading SC-300 Extras