Using the Learn Community in the Tech Community

The new Microsoft Learning community in the Tech Community is live along with the new blog.

The tech community is quite simple to navigate but I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few tips. Thanks to my fellow MCTs for their help with these too, especially Julian Sharpe, Denise McLaughlin and Rolf McLaughlin.

Getting Started with Microsoft Tech Community

You can find the Tech Community at Before you dive in its a good idea to read the Code of Conduct. You may also want to have a look at the Microsoft Mechanics video from 2016.

Once you are ready to go, Sign in at the top using your Microsoft Account or Microsoft 365 Account.

Microsoft Learning Community & Blog

The community can be found at and the blog at You can also access the Learn Community fromt he top bar in TechCommunity site.

Once you are there, to make it easier to get back, be sure to Join the community and Favourite ❤ the space

Now when you visit the Tech Community page you’ll be able to simply click the ❤ on the top bar and navigate to the community and conversation space from there.

Next click on the link to the Blogs to follow the blog too.

Navigating the Community

Now it’s all book marked, you need to read and respond to conversations. The Community Home page gives you an overview of activity.

The communities within Tech Community are designed around the assumption that more than one conversation space and blog will be required per community. At present the Learn community only has one of each, so it does feel like a few clicks to get into the full conversation or list of blog posts. Below I’ve detailed how I find it easiest.

Navigating the Conversation Space

Whilst you can interact with the conversation space from the community homepage, to get full functionality you need to go into the conversation space itself, by clicking on the conversation space button .

The big advantage here is the conversation menu, to mark all items as read etc

Like on the homepage you can also filter the conversations

Navigating the Blog

Whilst you can see most conversations in the conversation space from the community homepage, you can only access the last few blog posts from here. The easiest way to navigate to the full list of posts from the homepage is to click the link to the blog in one of the Latest Blog posts cards.

You can also access the Learn Blog directly from the Tech Community top navigation bar

Once into the blog itself, from Options you have all the tools you need.

Keeping Track

There are four ways to be notified about what’s going on, using Join, Subscribe, Follow and RSS.


When you join a community or follow a blog/conversation space, those parts of the tech community show up in your favourites which are access from the ❤ icon on the TechCommunity navigation bar across the top of the page. Use the My Home link at the bottom of the favourites pane to see all areas you have followed/joined.


RSS can be used to pull content into your chosen RSS reader. Whichever option you choose, first open the RSS page. For the conversation space, you’ll find it on the menu

And in the Blog there is and RSS button, or use the link under Options menu.

Now copy the address from the address bar when the RSS page opens

RSS and Outlook

First enable the RSS functionality in Outlook from Options

Then in the Account Settings , click New and paste in the RSS page address. You’ll need a feed for both the blog and conversation space.

RSS and Teams

In the Teams client got to Apps and search for RSS

When you click onto the RSS app, you will need to click the Add to Team button then search for the Team & channel you want to add the feed to. Click Set up Connector button to move to the final stage, where you can set a name, paste in the RSS feed page address and choose how often you wan to receive updates.

RSS and Power Automate

My favourite is to create a flow with Power Automate, as that way you can choose how you want to be notified about the new items. This includes email, mobile notifications, Teams message, Planner task, To Do task or any combination.

For example:


The Subscribe option for conversation space, is on the menu and under Options on the blog.

The TechCommunity email will include details of all spaces and blogs you have subscribed to. You can edit the regularity of these emails from My Subscriptions (accessed from your profile picture when signed in to Tech Community

Then Notification Settings

And Finally: Your Profile and Settings

Do have a good look around in profile and settings, not just for notification settings. There is so much here to set, including adding your social media pages to your profile, or not as you choose.

The coloured band around a users profile indicates if they are a Microsoft employee, MVP or community member. Here you can see a blue border around karun2215’s picture indicating they are a Microsoft employee, Ed Baker has a green border to his picture indicating MVP status and the lack of band around my picture indicates a community member.

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