Microsoft Exam Scores

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I take a lot of exams and like to share my successes when I pass. No, I don’t pass every one I take and no-one should expect to. As long as you learn from your less successful scores then the experience was worthwhile in my book.

I recently shared this photo on my social media.

My husband pointed out that I hadn’t shared my score and asked if that meant I hadn’t got much over the pass mark. I deliberately didn’t include my score as it’s only relevant for me. I did get a good score, by the way.

As a trainer, I view my marks as follows:

  • 0-699 – ok. I failed. So,what did I learn? What’s my next step?
  • 700-800 – a pass, yippee. Maybe do a bit more work before you train the course
  • 800-900 – a good pass. Review the course but good to go
  • 900+ – you can do this in your sleep, do loads of these!

Whilst I’m not going to share my score on any exam, suffice to say I’m happy to deliver most course aligned to my certifications.

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