Working From Home – Staying Productive

My social media feeds are full of people sharing their working from home setups, tips and advice.  I’m going to look at it from a different viewpoint, using Microsoft To Do, to keep you productive.

I’m an avid user of Microsoft To Do.  I like lists, I like planning and being organised.  It’s how I keep up with my normally hectic life.  And though things are quieter now due to the impact of a cancelled holiday and COVID-19, I’m still using my To Do list to keep me on track.

My normal set up means flagged emails and tasks, as well as shared tasks from Planner all synchronise into ToDo, which I can view from any device. I’m a tech addict and I have 5 devices on my desk at the moment, all have ToDo installed.

Today I have added 3 new lists to my ToDo:

  • For My Enjoyment
  • For my Sanity/Health
  • Silver Linings – Things I normally Wouldn’t get to


My approach to surviving this crisis personally, is to do as much work as is still available and then to make maximum use of any downtime that I end up with.  Set this against being in the high risk group due to asthma and wanting to try and stay as healthy as possible, which includes not getting run down.

My aim is to do at least one thing from each of these 3 new lists each day I’m not delivering training, as well keeping on top of other things on my ToDo list.

If you find yourself with time on your hands find your own silver lining and maximise your time – a ToDo list can help you with that.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.

For maximum productive it’s a great idea to review your ToDo lists reguarly.  I try to review my list first thing each morning after reviewing any new incoming communications.  This is a 4 step process:

  1. Review incoming communication
  2. Respond to urgent & items only needing a quick response or flag for follow up/create task for those needing more time
  3. Review events upcoming over the next 48 hrs and ensure all prep is done or tasked to do today
  4. Review priorities and dates on all existing tasks

Then it’s just a question of working through my ToDo lists, and enjoying the ‘ding’ as I mark things as done.

If planning and task lists are not you, please don’t feel any pressure to adopt my advice, we are all individuals and what helps for one can cause anxiety to others.

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