Thoughts on Click & Collect for small business

So this blog is a bit of a departure for me and results from (virtual) conversations with friends and family. As I write on Nov 1st 2020, England is about to go into a new lockdown (whatever, it's officially called) and "non-essential" shops are required to close but can still offer click & collect services. … Continue reading Thoughts on Click & Collect for small business

Ignite 2020 – How to Plan Which Sessions to Join

With Ignite 2020 being a virtual event there is even more opportunity for everyone to benefit from attending. But how to you work out what to attend - that session catalogue is vast. After registering, you can add sessions to your personal schedule and your backpack. Your schedule shows only your chosen sessions and your … Continue reading Ignite 2020 – How to Plan Which Sessions to Join

It’s all about the Flow from RSS

In the "evergreen" world of Office365 it can be difficult to keep up to date.  Therefore I regularly find myself checking this blog and that blog and discovering a new one, just to loose it again.  RSS is great but I regularly rebuild my devices and keep loosing the config of my RSS feeds.  Email … Continue reading It’s all about the Flow from RSS

SharePoint Properties Pane

Announced at Ignite and detailed in this post on SharePoint Blog is the SharePoint Properties pane for Word.  After this week's targeted release update, people are starting to find this new feature on the View tab in Word.  No sign or announcement of it making the move to Excel or other applications, but surely if it … Continue reading SharePoint Properties Pane

Meet One Drive – the one and only drive you’ll need

OneDrive is a cloud file storage service which is included in Office365 and it’s the one and only drive you’ll need. Excuse the bad pun, but it is very useful. Simply put, it's your My Documents in the cloud, but with bells and whistles. By being in the cloud, you can access your files from … Continue reading Meet One Drive – the one and only drive you’ll need

Using OneDrive Without Sync

OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are similar in name and in that they synchronise files to your PC from cloud storage, but they are very different. OneDrive is available free to individuals and is also part of Office 365 Home Premium along with additional storage.  OneDrive is for people to sync their personal files across … Continue reading Using OneDrive Without Sync

Office365 Pro – Useful Links

Are you an Office365 professional?  Here is my list of useful links. Feel free to add more in the comments! Automatic SharePoint Online Site Collection Storage Quotas Office 365 Development Roadmap What is One Drive for Business Office Blogs Office Visio Stencil's: Office 365 Jump Start (Small Business) Free … Continue reading Office365 Pro – Useful Links