Thank you MCT Community!

(acronyms listed at the end of the article) Today was the 2021 Scottish Summit, a great example of what the community can do and next week it's Microsoft Ignite where we will be celebrating certificated professionals.  So it seemed a great time to put out this blog about what Microsoft Certified Trainer community means to … Continue reading Thank you MCT Community!

Microsoft Teams Break Out Rooms – Some Early Observations

With the launch of breakout rooms for adhoc and scheduled Team meetings, many people are celebrating and it is a much requested feature, but how does it work. Microsoft have released a couple of great articles so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and write a full guide myself, but I would like to share my early observations.

Make Fun of Virtual Meeting Fatigue

Are you sick of virtual meetings and training courses yet? To be honest, I'm not. However I have been looking for ways to ring some changes. It does get dull, always hearing (and saying) the same old phrases, so I've made myself some flashcards. And I gift them to you here - enjoy! You are … Continue reading Make Fun of Virtual Meeting Fatigue

Using the Learn Community in the Tech Community

The new Microsoft Learning community in the Tech Community is live along with the new blog. The tech community is quite simple to navigate but I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few tips. Thanks to my fellow MCTs for their help with these too, especially Julian Sharpe, Denise McLaughlin and Rolf McLaughlin. … Continue reading Using the Learn Community in the Tech Community

Extending the Feedback Form into PowerBI

A little while back I wrote a blog on my training feedback form and the flow I had built to send delegates the useful links. See Well today I have built a PowerBI report from the SharePoint list which stores the feedback data. As this is the first ever PowerBi report I've written from … Continue reading Extending the Feedback Form into PowerBI

Farewell Teamwork Administration Qualification

Microsoft are retiring Teamwork Administrator certificate (exams MS-300 & MS-301). The announcement points people to the Teams Administrator (exam MS-700) instead. Having done both the Teams and Teamwork qualifications and with most of my training delivery focused on SharePoint and Teams, this concerns me concerns me on a number of levels.