Arrange Windows on Screen

Multitasking is much easier when you can have multiple windows on screen at the same time.  These techniques work in both Windows 7 and 8.

To tile windows (any windows version):

  • Open the applications you want to see on screen (do not minimise)
  • Right click in a blank area of the task bar
  • Select Show Windows Side by Side

To ‘snap’ window to one half of the screen:

  • Click and drag the title bar of the window, until the mouse pointer reaches the side of the screen

Title bar

  • A shadow rectangle covering half the screen will appear – release the mouse button and the window will replace the shadow rectangle. Right click on the taskbar and choose Show Windows Side by Side
  • Windows can also be ‘snapped’ to the top of the screen to maximise the window.

You can also ‘snap’ windows using the Windows key and one of the Arrow keys.  This is especially useful when using multiple monitors:

  • Click into the window to be moved
  • Press and hold down Windows key
  • Press and release:
    • Right arrow to move to the right
    • Left arrow to move to the left
    • Up arrow to maximise
  • Press the left or right arrow key multiple times to move the window through all available positions until it is where you want it, or combine right/left and up arrow to move a window to a different monitor and then maximise.

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