Devices everywhere

With the best introduction of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android and upgrade of Outlook for Mac recently, I thought I’d revisit my multi device world and give you an update.

With Office365 spreading wider I’m finding more and more clients want multi platform training and, well to be honest, I like playing with gadgets. So I’m working across:
iPad Air
iPhone 6 plus
MacBook Air
Surface Pro 3
Nexus 7 tablet
windows phone – Nokia Lumia 635

Oh and I have a Kindle too.

I’m still finding that I go to different devices for different tasks though I can pretty much do everything on each. But they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. This ability to work across them all is primarily down to the Office365 infrastructure and apps.

My preferred devices for maximum productivity are my iPhone and SurfacePro but really like the Kindle for just reading.

Each device In a bit more detail:
Android Tablet
So, my Nexus tablet is so slow & laggy it drives me crazy, but Office on Android seems to work as well as office on iPad/iPhone/Windows Phone or even web apps in a browser. There is still functionality that I use (such as table of contents) which is only available in the full versions. In terms of email, photos, music, videos etc everything works well, it just comes down to app choice, which is really personal preference.

I bought my iPad to deliver training to a client who had a field team that were purely iPad based and using Office365. And I can do most things from this device. (Apart from training on using desktop applications). However I personally use it mainly for gaming, web surfing and watching videos when I’m away from home. It’s a bit heavy to use as an eReader but great for technical books when at my desk.

If I’m being honest, I can do everything I need to from the Windows phone as well as I can from my iPhone. However I have developed habits, such as checking directions and social media updates in a way which favours the functionality of the iPhone. Again this come down to personal preference. I do prefer the camera on my iPhone but this is primarily down to having chosen a low spec windows phone rather than comparable hardware.

Mac vs Windows
As a Microsoft Certified Trainer who offers training on applications not available on MacOS (Project, Visio) I’m never going to totally move over, that aside I could, but only using the Office for Mac software. I mainly use my Mac for photos, videos, films & music. Having bought into iTunes and being quite happy with how it all works, so have no reason to move away.

I could work on any device, but probably need a phone and one other. For me the SurfacePro remains the best device I’ve ever owned. The others are good for quick bits of work, but mainly best suited to entertainment or personal stuff. Taking work out of the equation, you could just as easily do everything with any device, so it then comes down to personal preference (oh and budget)

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