Copy Your Stream Deck Mobile to a New Mobile Device

After I set up Stream Deck Mobile on my phone, as per my last post I decided it would be better on my tablet. I was worried I’d have to set it all up again, but actually it was really simple to copy the config from one device to another.

First install the app on the new device and activate the subscription. As I’m still in my free month, I’m going to play with phone and tablet then cancel whichever subscription I decide not to keep, or perhaps I’ll come up with a reason to keep both.

To add a new device, choose Add New Mobile Device from the device drop down.
Scan the QR code from the new device
And you can confirm the copy immediately. If you miss the Copy prompt, don’t worry.

If you miss the prompt to copy, don’t worry. Mine disappeared as I took the above screen shot. Click on the gear icon, and in the Profiles tab, choose the device you want to copy the profile from, then right click the profile to copy, and …

Choose Copy to your new device.

Switch the profile to your new device as you may want to tidy up the profile name, ensure you only have one profile per device or set the copied profile as the default.

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