Why on earth do you want one of those?

I’m getting an Apple Watch because I am easily influenced by the Apple marketing machine.  And I admit that it’s ‘cos its a new gadget that will get folks talking. Plus I like having new tech first. 

But, I’ve also thought about this a lot and finally made the decision based on how I think it will fit into my life and my use of technology. 

As an IT trainer I spend the majority of the working day ignoring my phone with it sat on do not disturb in my bag. However for certain  people I need to know when they try to contact me.  Having the phone on the desk and checking regularly to see if those favourite folks have tried to get in touch can be distracting and unprofessional. A gentle (and silent) tap on my wrist is a much better way to find out if I’m getting an important call or message. 

Since moving to the iPhone 6Plus, I’ve noticed that I carry my phone less and therefore my step tracker is a lot less accurate. Whilst the larger screen is fantastic for most things it does make it a bit less portable and discreet. 

Navigating around new places on foot whilst carrying a large phone almost screams ‘come and mug me’, so there too the watch will have a role in my life. Checking directions by looking at my watch will draw a lot less attention to me. As I travel alone quite a bit on for business this is a big advantage. 

So even if that proves to be the lot, it’s still worth it for me. At least in theory. I’ll report back when I’ve had the watch for a while. 

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