Notifications on iOS

Sunday afternoon musings have made me really wish I could set up notification schemes on my iOS devices incl the Apple Watch. The current options, even with Do Not Disturb just don't cut it for me. I need at least 4 schemes and 4 soundscapes. My notification schemes would be: Training (or sleeping) - only … Continue reading Notifications on iOS

Why on earth do you want one of those?

I'm getting an Apple Watch because I am easily influenced by the Apple marketing machine.  And I admit that it's 'cos its a new gadget that will get folks talking. Plus I like having new tech first. But, I've also thought about this a lot and finally made the decision based on how I think it … Continue reading Why on earth do you want one of those?

Devices everywhere

With the best introduction of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android and upgrade of Outlook for Mac recently, I thought I'd revisit my multi device world and give you an update. With Office365 spreading wider I'm finding more and more clients want multi platform training and, well to be honest, I like playing with gadgets. … Continue reading Devices everywhere

Word for iPad – Getting Started

Microsoft Word for iPad does not have all the features of the Windows desktop version, but it does have sufficient tools available for the majority of documents produced.  Install & Set up Word for iPad Microsoft Word should be downloaded from the App Store and will automatically be installed. Once installed open the app to … Continue reading Word for iPad – Getting Started

Apple’s Event 12th Sept – a Roundup

So the new iPhone - key points: called iPhone5 Thinner and lighter Improved display - a retina display but better quality, less glare in sunlight and longer so you can have an extra row of icons (4 inch, widescreen) Old apps will run letterbox style Ultrafast Wifi & 4G LTE - it's a bit faster … Continue reading Apple’s Event 12th Sept – a Roundup

Seriously exciting times to be into IT

With all the new products and software versions on the way, it really is a great time to be a geek or gadget freak. So I thought I'd share with you the things that I am looking forward to over the next few months. MacOS Mountain Lion due July 2013, widely expected to be 25th … Continue reading Seriously exciting times to be into IT