Seriously exciting times to be into IT

With all the new products and software versions on the way, it really is a great time to be a geek or gadget freak.

So I thought I’d share with you the things that I am looking forward to over the next few months.

  • MacOS Mountain Lion due July 2013, widely expected to be 25th July.  You can find out more about Mountain Lion here
  • iOS6 due autumn 2013 with lots of cloud integration and similar features to Mountain Lion, see more
  • iPhone5 rumours suggest an announcement anywhere from 7th August to 7th October but Apple do seem to like 7th of the month and 7th August falls on a Tuesday – a good day for an announcement
    UPDATE: After speaking to a very helpful gentleman at Vodafone, it looks like the new iPhone will be available at the end of September in UK, so August may be a bit early for an anouncment.  Time will tell
  •  Windows 8 – RTM (Release to Manufacture) date is set for the first week in August with a general release date of the end of October.  If you can’t wait for that then the public preview is still available
    UPDATE: Confirmed release set as 26th October
  • The Surface – Microsoft announced their own Windows 8 tablet a few weeks back and it looks like it will be launched at the end of October, in line with Windows 8
  • Office 2013 was announced yesterday (16th July) along with a public preview available here.  Although launch is not expected until 2013 RT versions of the Surface will have it as standard, so maybe we’ll see it launched sooner.  Engadget published a great article on Office 2013, which only serves to wet the appetite.
  • Windows Phone 8 – Microsoft are billing Windows 8 as the operating system for all platforms (PC, Tablet & Phone) so expect this at similar time to Windows 8.  The Windows Blog gives a great overview of whats in store in the new phone

All in all lots to look forward to, but think it might be an expensive few months!

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