Using the Learn Community in the Tech Community

The new Microsoft Learning community in the Tech Community is live along with the new blog. The tech community is quite simple to navigate but I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few tips. Thanks to my fellow MCTs for their help with these too, especially Julian Sharpe, Denise McLaughlin and Rolf McLaughlin. … Continue reading Using the Learn Community in the Tech Community

Using OneNote to learn Maths

  Steps: NOTE - this currently only works in the OneNote app for Windows from the Windows store (not full desktop app) Create equation in your page On the Draw tab, use select or lasso select to highlight your equation then click Maths Under your equation choose Evaluate Under the answer click Show Steps then … Continue reading Using OneNote to learn Maths

Office 2016 Preview – Compare the Ribbon

I've been running Office 2016 for about a week now in my Windows 10 preview and loving them both.  I'd be perfectly happy having these running on my main machine, but have learnt the hard way the previews are best kept to virtual machines. (In case you are wondering about the technical set up I'm … Continue reading Office 2016 Preview – Compare the Ribbon

Devices everywhere

With the best introduction of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android and upgrade of Outlook for Mac recently, I thought I'd revisit my multi device world and give you an update. With Office365 spreading wider I'm finding more and more clients want multi platform training and, well to be honest, I like playing with gadgets. … Continue reading Devices everywhere

Word for iPad – Getting Started

Microsoft Word for iPad does not have all the features of the Windows desktop version, but it does have sufficient tools available for the majority of documents produced.  Install & Set up Word for iPad Microsoft Word should be downloaded from the App Store and will automatically be installed. Once installed open the app to … Continue reading Word for iPad – Getting Started

Recommended Charts and Pivot Tables

Excel 2013 incudes template charts and pivot tables which are provided by the Recommended Charts and Recommended Pivot Table features. The available options are provided intelligently based on the selected data. Click into or select the data to be pivoted. On the Insert tab, select Recommended Pivot Tables. The dialog box then previews pivot tables … Continue reading Recommended Charts and Pivot Tables

Using Flash Fill in Excel 2013

Flash Fill is a new feature in Excel 2013, which automates tasks such as reformatting dates and other information as well as separating or combining columns of information. Reformatting Data In the above example column A contains unformatted dates, Flash Fill can be used to format them. In the next column, first cell (i.e. next … Continue reading Using Flash Fill in Excel 2013