Apple’s Event 12th Sept – a Roundup

So the new iPhone – key points:

  • called iPhone5
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Improved display – a retina display but better quality, less glare in sunlight and longer so you can have an extra row of icons (4 inch, widescreen) Old apps will run letterbox style
  • Ultrafast Wifi & 4G LTE – it’s a bit faster both on wifi and mobile
  • In the UK 4G LTE only on EE
  • Improved processor means it’ll work faster
  • New hardware is more energy efficient, meaning the battery will last longer (225 hrs standby, 8 hours usage on mobile or 10 hours on wifi)
  • The new hardware also means gaming on iPhone is much closer to gaming on a console
  • Camera is 8MP – same as iPhone but thinner – which is quite a technological challenge! Plus a low light mode, improved image processor and 40% faster image capture than 4S & Panorama mode giving a 28MP panoramic photo!
  • Video is 1080p and includes facial recognition ail ability to take stills while filming
  • FaceTime camera is 720p and will work over mobile connections not just wifi
  • 3 microphones (front, bottom & back) for improved voice recognition and noise cancelation
  • Audio output us improved
  • There is a new connector, called “Lightening”, which can be connected either way around – new accessories (speakers etc) will be available but also adaptors so you can still use the existing ones.
  • Available in Black or White
  • 16GB, 32Gb or 64GB versions
  • Same on contract pricing as 4S
  • Pre-Orders start on 14th Sept and Shipping on 21st September in the UK
  • A new iPhone, needs and upgraded operating system and iOS6 new features include:
  • Maps – no longer using Google, but Apple’s own maps which have improved graphics, satellite images, 3D views and includes Points of Interest search.  Navigation and directions from Siri, though reports claim its not very good for walking directions
  • Updated web browser – Safari
  • iCloud tabs mean you can open tabs on any iCloud connected device at the point they were on the other one
  • Passbook – virtual store cards, coupons, event tickets, plane tickets – but not all companies on board yet
  • Shared Photo Streams – share your photos with friends and family, choose which photos you want to share and they will appear in your friends photo stream
  • Siri – voice control now includes improved sports results, information on movies, launch apps by voice command, Facebook updates by voice
  • Phone – respond to a call with a message
  • Facebook integration
  • Updated iTunes apps incl Facebook/Twitter integration and improved performance
  • Launches on 19th Sept
And then a new iTunes for PC/Mac too:
  • Simplified interface – looks like a big grid, or you can have the list view like before
  • Drag tracks/albums and you can see your playlists to add into
  • Coming next button allows you to see whats queued up to play
  • Use the Play next button to add track to the list, as the very next one
  • New mini player
  • Sync movie locations between devices over iCloud
  • Launching in late October
New iPods:
  • Nano – Lightening connector dock, large display, thinner & lighter, 2.5 inch multitouch display, 7 colours, home button and home screen, FM tuner (incl pause & rewind), view photos and videos, incorporated pedometer and fitness, bluetooth, holds 30 hrs of music, longer batter life, Available from Oct
  • Touch – 6.1mm thick, 88g, lightening dock, same display as iPhone 5 (4 inch, widescreen), improved processor, so better gaming performance, wrist strap, 40 hrs music, 8 hrs video, 5MP camera, Panorama, 1080p video and 720p facetime camera, bluetooth, supports Siri, 5 colours, 16Gb, 32GB or 64GB, Available from Oct
  • Shuffle remains the same, maybe some new colours

headphones (or ear pods)

  • now called EarPods
  • directed speakers point to ear canal
  • don’t create a seal like other in-ear headphones
  • Said to maximise airflow for sound quality
  • controller on the wire still
  • included with new iPhone, iPod touch and Nano or standalone

EE details can be found at or

Thanks to for their excellent coverage of the event.

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