Notifications on iOS

Sunday afternoon musings have made me really wish I could set up notification schemes on my iOS devices incl the Apple Watch. The current options, even with Do Not Disturb just don’t cut it for me. I need at least 4 schemes and 4 soundscapes.

My notification schemes would be:

  1. Training (or sleeping) – only notify me about phone calls from designated contacts (who know only to ring me if its urgent)
  2. Concentrating – All phone calls but no messaging apps
  3. Working – Phone calls, messaging and emails
  4. All – let them rip, I’ll have the lot with bells and whistles too

And the soundscapes:

  1. Silent – no sounds, just haptic notifications on the Watch (I’m not a fan of vibrate on the phone)
  2. Quiet – low volume alerts (great for quiet offices)
  3. Medium – for a nosier indoor environment, like weekends at home
  4. Full Blast – when outdoors or if working on a building site or equivalent

And it would be great if I could pair the notification scheme and soundscape, so one day I may have silent training and another I’d use quiet training, for example.

The icing on the cake? – Pick the notifications setting for each app in each scheme.

Maybe it’s too complex a scenario for most, so possibly need a developer to build it as an app.

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