It’s all about the Flow from RSS

In the “evergreen” world of Office365 it can be difficult to keep up to date.  Therefore I regularly find myself checking this blog and that blog and discovering a new one, just to loose it again.  RSS is great but I regularly rebuild my devices and keep loosing the config of my RSS feeds.  Email subscriptions are golden for me, but not all blogs offer them.  So where a blog offers RSS and not email I now use Flow to email me updates.

When I find my new favourite blog I find the RSS feed and then in another browser tab, I log in to Office365 (I’m not a one browser kind of girl, so use your favourite).  Then navigate to Flow and search for RSS.

On clicking Continue,  you can then customise the flow (be sure to change the name at the top if you use this flow for more than one blog), then customise the properties (as shown below).


  1. Enter email recipient in the To box (even if its you)
  2. Expand to see the advanced options and be sure to format the mail as HTML or you end up with an email full of Html table tags, making it difficult to read.

Then save your flow and wait for the next update to roll in to your inbox.

There is a Flow template for updates from the Flow blog to email, so you don’t even need to work out the RSS feed address for that one!


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