Using Find Time for Meeting Polls

Find Time is a great add-in for Outlook which you can use to arrange meetings with both colleagues and people outside your organisation.  Combining the ability to see availability for colleagues with a poll for people to vote on, the Find Time add-in is designed to stop the to/fro of emails trying to find a suitable meeting time.

Within Office 365 you can add the Find Time add in from Outlook for Web or Outlook desktop app for yourself or your Admin can add it for everyone.

Adding Find Time Add in from Outlook for Web

Navigate to and sign in to your email. 

Create a new message

In the new message box click … Then choose Get Add-ins

Search for FindTime (note no space!)

Click Add

Run though the tips on how to use FindTime

Click X to return to email.

Find Time is now shown on your … Menu in message compose window. Jump to Create Poll to see how to use this.

Adding Find Time Add in from Outlook for PC

In your inbox, locate the Get Add-ins button on the Home tab

Search for FindTime (note no space!)

Click Add

Click Get Started link to view details on how it works

Click X to return to Outlook. Jump to Create Poll to see how to use this.

Adding FindTime for All Users – Office 365 Admin

In the Microsoft 365 Admin Center under Settings choose Integrated apps then click Get apps

Search for FindTime and click the Get it now link.  You will need to fill in your details and authorise app addition before clicking Continue

Complete the deployment wizard choosing users to deploy app to

And authorisng data access

Once deployed you can later edit the users, if required

Creating a Find Time Poll

In Outlook web or desktop, address and write your email as normal but then click the Find Time button to insert a meeting poll.

Set the Meeting duration.

Choose the times you want to offer.  Note internal people show as green person icon if they are availalbe and red if they are not, whilst external people will show as grey person icon as you cannot see their availability. 

Click Next

Choose your required settings.  Note in this image it shows Skype Meeting as this account has not moved over to Teams meetings yet. 

Click Add to email button and then send the email.

Recipients will receive email and need to click the options link to vote

Select Prefer, Yes or No for each time slot and click Vote

As meeting organiser I will get an update from each vote

When the poll is finished the meeting invite will be scheduled automatically and you will be updated.

NOTE: This poll reached consensus which meant the meeting was scheduled after the required attendees had voted.  To wait for everyone incl optional attendees to vote be sure to set Schedule when attendees reach consensus is set to Off

However now, I need to schedule the meeting from the results using the Schedule button

Then click the New meeting button next to the required time and complete the meeting invite manually.

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