Gender Bias in Technology

For a while I have been struggling with the question of whether the women in technology movement is necessary, helpful or just reinforcing gender bias within the field. Today I read a blog by Karoliina Kettukari  entitled I’m an IT expert, not a gender  (it's here if you want to have a look too  … Continue reading Gender Bias in Technology

My Lewa Marathon for Tusk Trust

Before I expound on my Saturday morning exploits at the Lewa marathon event, I feel honour bound to point out that I completed the half marathon. To those (including my husband) who completed the full marathon, I salute your bravery, stamina and foolhardiness with a degree of awe! So, to an account of my 21km … Continue reading My Lewa Marathon for Tusk Trust

Tomorrow is the big day

Here in Lewa and getting nervous. We've had our race briefing where the excellent security & safety features of the event were detailed along with the rules.  We are staying at the fabulous Lewa Safari Camp, as we did when David ran the marathon last year. They are doing a splendid job looking after us … Continue reading Tomorrow is the big day

#RunWild for a reason

I just received the following email - even more motivation! #RunWild for a Reason! There are some of you out there who run because you genuinely enjoy running... well done, that's awesome for you!  👏 To the rest of you who gulp a little harder each day as race day approaches 😳  here are some … Continue reading #RunWild for a reason

91 days and counting 

It's 91 days until the Lewa half marathon. So today I've started working on my speed training. Never was a phrase more inappropriate. Fast I am not. Good job my approach is more tortoise than hare.  I'm aiming to increase the duration of my running legs so have found a 2.5km circuit and did my … Continue reading 91 days and counting 

Novice runner training guru wanted!

So I've been thinking about race training for novice runners and after extensive internet research, I have decided that training appears to cause more injuries than races! That doesn't mean I'm considering not training at all, however it does mean that I need to seriously consider my strategy (after all completing the event at a … Continue reading Novice runner training guru wanted!