Excel 2013 vs 2010 – Interface Comparison

Comparing the interface between versions is a quick way of highlighting the changes between Excel 2013 (preview) and Excel 2010. Home Tab Insert Tab Page Layout Tab Formulas Tab Data Tab NOTE: in Excel 2010 the Analysis Pack has been added but in 2013 it has not. Review Tab View Tab Developer Tab Backstage View … Continue reading Excel 2013 vs 2010 – Interface Comparison

Named Cells, Ranges and Values

Formulas and functions are usually created using references to other cells on the spreadsheet. Where you need to refer to a fixed cell and still be able to duplicate the formula around the spreadsheet then you can use fixed cell references as explained in the Simple Formulas and Functions reference guide. These absolute and mixed … Continue reading Named Cells, Ranges and Values

Analysis Functions in Excel 2010

Enable Analysis Tools The analysis tools in Excel need to be switched on before use. To enable the Data Analysis tools: Select Options from the File tab Choose Add-ins At the bottom of the box, select Excel Add-ins and click Go Ensure both the Analysis ToolPak and Solver Add-in are ticked and click OK Performing … Continue reading Analysis Functions in Excel 2010

Advanced Formatting in Excel 2010

Comments Comments can be added to an Excel document for many purposes such as: Reviewing a document. Giving instructions to people completing a form. Explaining how a calculation works. Create a Comment To create a comment: Highlight the cell the comment is to be added to. On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click … Continue reading Advanced Formatting in Excel 2010

Simple Formulas and Functions in Excel

Creating Simple Formulas Formulas can be used to perform simple calculations such as addition and subtraction, or more complicated applications such as complex financial functions and statistics. All formulas begin with an equal (=) sign. The equal sign tells Excel that the cell data should be interpreted as a formula. Otherwise, Excel interprets the data … Continue reading Simple Formulas and Functions in Excel