Apple Event 7th September – a summary

So I’m writing this post, watching the Apple special event where they are expected to launch new iPhone and Watch.  I have watched all the events live for last 3 years and love watching the new products launched.  Why?  Cos I love gadgets and the event is always entertaining too.  But this time I have decided to record my thoughts as it goes through and the key points as a brief summary.

Currently I am watching the section on Apple Watch.  I’m looking forward to the new software coming very soon and hoping for a new watch too.  There was no release date announced for WatchOS3, and the Apple website has not been updated with one yet.  Normally it would launch with iOS, so currently expect it on 13th Sept, but it might not be out before the new watches on 16th Sept.

So Pokemon go coming to Watch too, and it counts as a workout too – maybe I should start playing.

New Watch!  We can swim in it!  It’s called Apple Watch Series 2 and is “Swimproof”, is faster, brighter, has built in GPS, available in aluminium/stainless steel/ceramic.  Pre-order Series 1 (the original but with the new faster process) and Series 2 from 9th Sept with launch on September 16th.  There will be an Apple Watch Nike Plus version too, coming in October.  Prices: 38mm Sport Series 2 = £369; 42mm Sport Series 2 = £399; 38mm Stainless Steel (only Series 2) = £549; 42mm Stainless Steel (only Series 2) = £599; Ceramic from £1249, Watch Nike Plus 38mm = £369 and 42mm = £399 

iPhone.  iOS10 will be on iPhone7.  The new phone is pretty much as anticipated, in summary:

  1. Is available as iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus same sizes as 6s and 6s Plus
  2. has virtually invisible antenna lines, 
  3. is available in a gloss black/matt black/silver/gold/rose gold finished, 
  4. Has a force sensitive customisable home button with Taptic feedback, 
  5. Is water and dust resistant (IP67)
  6. Improved camera with optical image stabilisation on both 7 and 7Plus, both feature a wider lens, brighter flash that adapts to flick in artificial light
  7. IPhone7 plus includes 2 lenses that gives 2x optical zoom feature and up to 10x software zoom
  8. Brighter HD screen with cinema standard colours
  9. Stereo speakers (top & bottom), double the maximum volume than previous phones
  10. No headphone jack, so lightening connector headphones shipping with iPhone7 and 7Plus, lightening to phono headphone adapter also included with the phones.  If you want an extra pair of lightening EarPods they will be £29.
  11. The Airpods are real – wireless headphones last for 5 hrs but have a charger box (smaller than EarPods box) that will recharge them to give 24hrs listening.  Set up from iPhone and then all devices which use same Apple ID are set up via iCloud.  They work with Siri and automatically switch to the device you are playing audio from. Available from late October at £159.  There are also 3 new beats headphones using the same wireless technology coming in autumn at £169.95, £249.95 and £129.95.  
  12. Faster chips with intellegent use of the high performance and energy efficient chips, to extend battery life, so the 7 phones have the longest every battery life. 
  13. UK Prices: iPhone 7 32GB = £599; iPhone 7 128GB = £699; iPhone7 256GB = £799; iPhone7 Plus 32GB = £719; iPhone7 Plus 128GB = £819; iPhone7 Plus 256GB = £919
  14. iPhone upgrade program coming to UK starting at £33.45/month and launching in Apple Stores on 9th Sept.  But make sure to make an appointment via the web if you are interested as the store will only be dealing with this via appointments to start with.
  15. Orders from Sept 9th, launch on 16th Sept and iOS10 on Sept 13th, if you are not upgrading

There was no one last thing, so nothing on the rumored updates to the MacBook, or Mac Desktop lineups, nor the iPad – so maybe they’ll be another special event in late Oct to refresh those products in time for Christmas.  We’ll wait and see.  I’m now off to count my pennies and see what I can afford.

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