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MS-500 Overview & My Tips

MS-500 or Microsoft 365 Security Administration is an Associate level certification.  Associate level certifications in Microsoft 365 require Administrator level knowledge and skills, and is targeted at those in roles which are hands on with the administration of a Microsoft 365 workload. In this case security & compliance.   Tradition system administrator skills are also helpful as you should also understand DNS, Active Directory (on-prem), networking and on-prem server admin.  The on-prem skills and knowledge is needed to design and configure Microsoft 365 in Hybrid to work in harmony with existing environments as well as to understand requirements of organisations moving to the cloud.

That said, regular visitors to my blog will know that I consider myself a ‘born in the cloud’ admin and as such the traditional system administrator skills are my personal weak area.  Please don’t let that put you off going for this certification, if that also describes you.  You can use your Microsoft 365 knowledge to answer migration and hybrid questions and remember you don’t have to get all 1000 availalbe points to pass.

This exam focuses on protecting and securing Microsoft 365 tenants and the data within them.  It covers Azure AD as well the Microsoft Defender (Security) and Purview (Compliance) products, though may not use the new purview names as yet.

There are also a series of SC numbered certifications and courses which look at security, compliance and privacy features across the Microsoft Cloud.  Those courses and certifications overlap with this one.

Disclaimer: All these links were correct at the time of posting.  But the Cloud changes regularly, so the referenced articles my change/be removed.  Please do post a comment if you spot a broken link or have suggestions to add so others can benefit too.

General References

Taking a Microsoft Professional Exam

There are a number of blogs about taking MCP exams.  My personal favourites are:

Pre-study References

Before attending an MS-100 course you should have a good understanding of what Microsoft 365 is and the features it includes.  You should also be comfortable with what Microsoft Teams is and how to use it.  These resources can help.

Microsoft Learn Learning Paths (MS-500)

Microsoft Learn MS-500 Collection

References by Exam Objectives

Based on the objectives as at 4 May 2022

Implement and manage identity and access (35-40%)

Secure Microsoft 365 hybrid environments

Secure Identities

Implement authentication methods

Implement conditional access

Implement roles and role groups

Configure and manage identity governance

Implement Azure AD Identity Protection


Implement and manage threat protection (25-30%)

Implement and manage Microsoft Defender for Identity

Implement device threat protection

Implement and manage device and application protection

Implement and manage Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Monitor Microsoft 365 Security with Microsoft Sentinel

Implement and manage Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Implement and manage information protection (10-15%)

Manage sensitive information

Manage Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Manage data governance and retention

Manage governance and compliance features in Microsoft 365 (20-25%)

Configure and analyze security reporting

Manage and analyze audit logs and reports

Discover and respond to compliance queries in Microsoft 365

Manage regulatory compliance

Manage insider risk solutions in Microsoft 365

Videos and Interactive Guides

User and Group Management

Identity synchronization and protection

Azure AD Identity Protection

Identity & Access Management

Security in M365

Threat Protection

Threat Management

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (Cloud Application Security)


Information Protection & Governance

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