Recommended Charts and Pivot Tables

Excel 2013 incudes template charts and pivot tables which are provided by the Recommended Charts and Recommended Pivot Table features. The available options are provided intelligently based on the selected data. Click into or select the data to be pivoted. On the Insert tab, select Recommended Pivot Tables. The dialog box then previews pivot tables … Continue reading Recommended Charts and Pivot Tables

Using Flash Fill in Excel 2013

Flash Fill is a new feature in Excel 2013, which automates tasks such as reformatting dates and other information as well as separating or combining columns of information. Reformatting Data In the above example column A contains unformatted dates, Flash Fill can be used to format them. In the next column, first cell (i.e. next … Continue reading Using Flash Fill in Excel 2013

Visualising Data with Improved Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting in Excel 2013 has been improved to let you quickly visualise and comprehend data. You're going to find more styles, icons and data bars as well as the ability to highlight specified items like minimum and maximum values in just a few clicks. First of all highlight the data you want to apply … Continue reading Visualising Data with Improved Conditional Formatting

Simple Formulas and Functions in Excel

Creating Simple Formulas Formulas can be used to perform simple calculations such as addition and subtraction, or more complicated applications such as complex financial functions and statistics. All formulas begin with an equal (=) sign. The equal sign tells Excel that the cell data should be interpreted as a formula. Otherwise, Excel interprets the data … Continue reading Simple Formulas and Functions in Excel