Meet One Drive – the one and only drive you’ll need

OneDrive is a cloud file storage service which is included in Office365 and it’s the one and only drive you’ll need. Excuse the bad pun, but it is very useful.

Simply put, it’s your My Documents in the cloud, but with bells and whistles. By being in the cloud, you can access your files from anywhere you have internet connection as well as share and collaborate on all sorts of files with colleagues.  But rest assured that by default all your files are private.

Totally under your control, with web access, sync, apps and sharing – this flexibility is a big plus.  But we are not done yet, OneDrive also keeps multiple versions, so you can turn back the clock on your file too.  And with up to 1TB of storage, fully backed up and secured, you’ll never need another drive again!

To access your OneDrive:

Visit and sign in with your work/school email and email password.  The waffle (app launcher) at the top left includes a link to OneDrive.


  • You can find files others have shared with you from their OneDrive under Shared with me on the navigation
  • When sharing, created a folder and share the folder, then others can add their own documents into the folder too. Be sure to name the folder so you know what it relates to (e.g. Shared with Jim or 2017 Conference)
  • Look for in Sharing column to identify files and folder which are shared
  • Unless you need to use your files when you will be away from internet connection (e.g. overseas), there is no need to sync your files.

To use an app on your tablet/phone:

Go to your App store and search for OneDrive or visit and find out which Office365 apps are recommended for your device.

To learn more about using OneDrive for Business you can:

View Microsoft’s Own Training Videos here (about 6 mins of videos in total)

Using OneDrive without Sync

Get the newest OneDrive Sync tool here

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