Word for iPad – Getting Started

Microsoft Word for iPad does not have all the features of the Windows desktop version, but it does have sufficient tools available for the majority of documents produced.  Install & Set up Word for iPad Microsoft Word should be downloaded from the App Store and will automatically be installed. Once installed open the app to … Continue reading Word for iPad – Getting Started

Missing Styles

Sometimes when documents are converted from Word 2003 not all styles are available, due to settings on the document which have been carried over. To resolve this issue the style settings need to be changed. On the Home tab, click the dialog box launcher in the styles group. The Styles pane opens In the Styles … Continue reading Missing Styles

Using Quick Parts

Quick parts in Word 2010 incorporates: Auto text entries Document properties fields Standard word fields Templates for headers, footers, cover pages, tables of contents and more within Word These components can be incorporated into any document to speed up document creation and formatting. Headers and Footer Headers and footers with standard information have long been … Continue reading Using Quick Parts

To Change the Theme of the Document in Word 2010

The document Theme includes colours, fonts and effects for graphical objects within the drawing. When the Theme of a document is changed the entire document is reformatted to match the new chosen Theme. To apply a Theme: Select Page Layout Tab Click the Theme button Hover over the Theme to preview the impact on your … Continue reading To Change the Theme of the Document in Word 2010