Big business IT at small business pricing

Until now it’s only been a dream for smaller businesses to have the same type of IT services as big business without the need for that big IT department and the big bills.

With the advent of cloud computing this is no longer just a dream. Any business even a “one-man band” can have enterprise email provision and web conferencing facilities along with a whole host of other features and all for a very reasonable per user price tag.

There are other cloud based services available (as they say on the BBC), but my personal favourite is Office 365 from Microsoft. Why?

Well it’s working brilliantly for me but also:

  • affordable pricing
  • works on all devices (more on this in a bit)
  • the tools are ones that most people are familiar with
  • you don’t have to be a tech guru to manage it
  • guaranteed availability
  • backups done automatically for you

For me personally the main attraction is that it works on all my devices. I use different Windows laptops running a variety of windows and office versions plus an iPhone, iPad and occasionally a MacBook. Then sometimes I end up in an internet cafe too using just whatever browser they happen to have.

Even with this mixture I can always get at my emails, calendar, contacts, task list, documents, notes etc. And, best of all, I don’t need to keep all these devices in sync – they always use the most recent version – the beauty of the cloud.

So that’s why it’s all brilliant, but what are the negatives – there must be some?  Well, yes, there are:

  • You need an internet connection to use them and if you’re on the road a lot this can occasionally be an issue. Though let’s face it, less and less often these days
  • You need to sign up for a minimum of 12 months for each licence you purchase, but licences can be transferred between users very easily so they need not be wasted

You may need help and advice getting set up, especially if you are a small business or independent professional.  However the people at Microsoft thought of this one too.  When you sign up you can pick a partner (an Office 365 specialist, like me) who will be designated to help you manage your account.

As your Office 365 partner we can help you configure your set up and help keep things running smoothly for you.  Not only that but this basic service is included if you sign up through us and we can set up the trial, plus work out the best licence solution for you as well.

Have a look at or drop me a line via and I’ll explain more.

Whilst you’re here also have a look at the training we offer on Office 365, which can all be customised to your needs, too.

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