Day One with Apple Watch

Having received my Apple Watch on launch day I finally got to open it about 10pm – after a day training and then a long drive home. 

So last night I basically went through basic set up – paired with iPhone, picked a watch face and chose apps to use. Took about 45 mins all told. Then it went on to charge and I slept. (Zzzzzz)

The next morning being Saturday I could really play. So spent the first hour going through all of the settings – switching off notifications, testing out the volume and tap strengths, tweaking the faces, installing apps & setting glances. 

In buying this new gadget my primary driver is that it will help me know about the important things – phone calls, emails & messages from my “favourite” contacts; and make it easier to ignore the other stuff until I can check my phone. Secondly, I want to track my activity and become more active generally. Oh and I needed a watch – relying on my phone and computer for telling the time is not really working for me anymore. 

So having spent two hours playing, I then set about to show my family how it worked and generally enjoy checking the watch every few seconds to obsess with how much the activity rings were moving and sent smileys. 

None of my favourite contacts have bought a watch too, so I wasn’t able to do the gimmicky drawings or send my heartbeat 😤. However I did get to pretend I was Captain Kirk – not that Siri was very helpful!


Screen shots on the watch – sure. Press the digital crown and side button at the same time. It’s actually a really easy combination.  

So now to see if I can make the battery last a day. Well I have to report that after 14hours of pretty heavy use, the watch went into power save mode when the battery dropped below 10%. However 10 minutes in the charger had it back up to 50%, so if you do need to top up during the day, it’s not the end of the world. 

My only gripe is the weather app stuck on loading. 


In an aim to lengthen battery life, at the end of the day I removed all the apps that I’m not really going to use on the watch all the time. I can add my airline apps on when I go on a trip, for example. 

I really enjoyed my first day with my Apple Watch. And all signs are very promising that it will deliver what I hoped. Yes battery life is probably going to be an issue some days, but then it’s a first generation product – if it were perfect there’d be nowhere to go. 

Finally a word on wearability & comfort. I chose a model that I’d be happy wearing on an evening out. However I find the metal band of the Milanese loop uncomfortable when it’s tight. I have ordered a sport band too which I found super comfortable at my try on appointment & think that might end up being my everyday band. Really hoping we get the RED bands that have been rumoured too. 

For now (at the start of day 2) I’m off to try and fill those rings, as writing this blog, just isn’t doing it!


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