A bit of a diversion

Last June (2015) my husband completed his first ever marathon; the Safaricom Marathon held in Lewa Conservancy, Kenya. I was fortunate enough to be able to take holiday to accompany him, along with our son who was aged 10 at the time. 

So why, over 6 months after the event, am I now writing about it? Well I have decided to have a go myself, though I’ll only be undertaking the half marathon. 

Sounds like a cop out? Well not if you know me in person. I’m not the fittest person and have a fairly unhealthily lifestyle. Yes, I did reach the summit of Kilimanjaro in Sept 2014, but that didn’t actually require a very high degree of physical fitness though I was a lot fitter & thinner than I am now. Even then I couldn’t have run 5km without walking part. 

You get the idea – for me this will be a HUGE challenge. So why do it?  That’s simple:

  • I need a challenge to motivate me to exercise
  • It has to be a booked challenge so I can’t procrastinate & back out
  • I feel an affinity to Kenya, having lived there for 3 years as a child and spent several family holidays in the country since
  • Wildlife conservation projects run in conjunction with economic & educational projects such as those supported by Tusk Trust & Lewa Conservancy have an astounding impact on preserving an environment that I want my grandchildren’s grandchildren to be able to enjoy but not to the detriment of the local population. These combined projects achieve both goals and as such as the ones that deserve the most support
  • Having seen the impact of such projects first hand and spoken to those directly impacted by them I am even more convinced that it is the correct way to go
  • After spectating at the event last year, I felt a need to join in and experience the pain & pleasure I saw on the participants faces myself
  • It sounded like a good idea when first muted… 😉

So what’s next?  A training plan and some fundraising. 

A lot of companies from the world of high finance in the UK get involved in the race sending out teams of employees who spend all their free time running marathons & half marathons. Whilst I have every confidence that I will finish the race (I can walk 13 miles in under the 7hr cut off time) I REALLY would like to aim to finish in under 4 hrs. Also I really want to believe myself to be an equal participant in the international contingent, not the token fat girl from England!  So the treadmill is calling my name.  

153 days & counting!

You can sponsor myself & my husband at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/fennahlewa

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