91 days and counting 

It’s 91 days until the Lewa half marathon. So today I’ve started working on my speed training. Never was a phrase more inappropriate. Fast I am not. Good job my approach is more tortoise than hare. 

I’m aiming to increase the duration of my running legs so have found a 2.5km circuit and did my first run/walk timed circuit today to set my baseline.  Over the coming weeks I want to build up to running the whole circuit, then extend it. 

My baseline time is not outstanding but it’s somewhere to start. And after all the point of the challenge is to cover the distance, be alive enough at the end to appreciate the achievement, be fitter than in January and raise funds for charity.

I’m taking on a challenge for charity. Please check out my fundraising page and support my cause.

To that end – here’s the link to my fundraising page:


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