Novice runner training guru wanted!

So I’ve been thinking about race training for novice runners and after extensive internet research, I have decided that training appears to cause more injuries than races!

That doesn’t mean I’m considering not training at all, however it does mean that I need to seriously consider my strategy (after all completing the event at a walk is better than not being able to take part at all).

With that in mind – I am aiming to walk each day, gradually increasing the total amount I do over the week and especially on days when I am not delivering training courses. I’ll then migrate to jog/walk mix and slowly increase the length of each jog phase. As my game plan for the event is jog/walk/jog/walk … this should be the perfect training plan.

All I now need are targets for times & distances each week. So if there are any internet novice runner training gurus out there with any sage words, they would be very welcome.

Oh and I’ve found the pages advertising this years event too, at  and

I should also turn my thoughts to fundraising (well more than setting up the page on Virgin Money Giving, anyway

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