Creating Simple Documents

When creating a word document you need to be able to type in your text and then change the look and feel of the document to make the presentation of the document match your requirements. Selecting Text In order to modify the text you need to be able to indicate to the system which text … Continue reading Creating Simple Documents

Research and Thesaurus

With either the Research or Thesaurus button from the Review tab, the Research Pane can be opened. This looks up the selected word or phrase in the chosen reference book. To change the word or phrase to be looked up, simply overtype the information in the Search for: box. Once you have entered your desired … Continue reading Research and Thesaurus

Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and Grammar check can be launched from the button on the Review tab or by pressing the F7 key on the keyboard. The tool will then check the document and inform you of potential errors. You can then accept a suggestion, ignore the error or add the word to your dictionary. NOTE: Items added … Continue reading Spelling and Grammar

Use Tracked Changes to Manage Document Updates

Changes that are made to a document can be tracked. This helps when people are collaboratively working on a document, so you can see and review just the changes made, rather than the whole document. To switch on change tracking: On the Review tab in the Tracking group, click the Track Changes button Word will … Continue reading Use Tracked Changes to Manage Document Updates

Missing Styles

Sometimes when documents are converted from Word 2003 not all styles are available, due to settings on the document which have been carried over. To resolve this issue the style settings need to be changed. On the Home tab, click the dialog box launcher in the styles group. The Styles pane opens In the Styles … Continue reading Missing Styles

Using Quick Parts

Quick parts in Word 2010 incorporates: Auto text entries Document properties fields Standard word fields Templates for headers, footers, cover pages, tables of contents and more within Word These components can be incorporated into any document to speed up document creation and formatting. Headers and Footer Headers and footers with standard information have long been … Continue reading Using Quick Parts

Compare Two Documents

There are two methods to compare documents available in Word 2010: The Compare function which automatically compares or combines versions Side by Side view which allows you to compare documents The Compare Function To compare two documents: Open the Review tab, select Compare and then Compare … Choose the two documents you wish to compare. … Continue reading Compare Two Documents

To Change the Theme of the Document in Word 2010

The document Theme includes colours, fonts and effects for graphical objects within the drawing. When the Theme of a document is changed the entire document is reformatted to match the new chosen Theme. To apply a Theme: Select Page Layout Tab Click the Theme button Hover over the Theme to preview the impact on your … Continue reading To Change the Theme of the Document in Word 2010